Otherwise it risks losing the habit or taste

March 28, 2012 12:00 AM
Otherwise it risks losing the habit or taste

Time is the enemy of the rider. Professionals in the equestrian world insist on this aspect. Buying a horse, it is not enough to analyze his equestrian skills. It is also known its availability. Car, motorcycle or boat, the possession of an equine requires much time. No question left Mount of days in its box as a motorcycle in his garage or a sailboat to her anchorage. The animal was doubly need output and presence, that of his master but also its congeners. It is also the ride regularly. Otherwise, it risks losing the habit or taste. To be a pleasure for the rider, riding it must also be for the animal. Hence the need of regular meetings between frame and owner and this for a good ten or even fifteen years...

Of course, can delegate the daily maintenance with his horse in a pension. This is the solution by urban dwellers in General not alongside their horse that weekend. It is not ideal and it is by far preferable to have a meadow one or two hectares shared by other equine.

The choice of the animal is also very sensitive and it is strongly recommended that you be accompanied by a specialist. Because alone will be able to identify the small (or large) defects, especially in the legs. Similarly, it is better to buy a horse experienced, because it will help its new owner in advance. "It is important to obtain information on the nature of the animal, especially if it is adult, because it does not modify", warns Bernard, master of armoury in a Norman Stud. On the other hand, the acquisition of a young horse, about three years, is reserved for a cavalier experienced, willing to invest in the education of his steed.

Horseback riding professionals recommend to appeal to a veterinarian before you buy a horse. It will detect the small inflammation of a joint or will carry out analysis of blood that can alert on a non-apparent health concern.

Try the horse will not necessarily mean adopt it. Some output to two will allow to feel the animal, judge whether it is in harmony with him, before you think last night before take the step. Will then remain to sign the cheque and is there for all tastes and all pockets.

A big budget maintenance

A purchase, "the range can go from 3,000 to 15,000 euros, depending on whether you look for a horse ride or a frame of horse," notes François Peraldo, Director of the Touring Club of France, "but the price is extremely variable and function of the qualities and history of the animal."

If the maintenance of a horse remains affordable in the province, is a costly leisure in Paris. It takes between 500 and 600 euros in pension in the capital where accommodation of horses are rare (the cartridge factory of Vincennes, the caliper in Paris). The horse in the meadow in a farmer cost between 80 and 170 euros per month, and he spent the night at the shelter, to add, on average, 100 euros. Rates do not include small refreshing food rations for horses who are jumping obstacles or other sports (a hundred additional euros per month).

The purchase of all saddlery and harness equipment (bridle, saddle, protection), carpets... rises at least 2,000 euros.

For irons, that must be changed every six weeks, beginning 60 euros. But if the horse has a concern and requires special irons, the invoice will double.

Annual vaccine, rabies, influenza, inspection of the teeth and regular de-worming (3 or 4 times a year) cost about 300 euros. But the horse being a fragile animal, it is prudent to provide a veterinary budget of 1,500 to 2,000 euros a year.

For liability insurance, count of 60 to 70 euros, but about 200 euro insurance against theft and 2.5 of the value of the horse against mortality. From this year, each horse must be equipped with a chip in his neck to combat flights. A mandatory transaction of EUR 100.

To move his horse, he must be a van. A budget of about 5,000 to 6,000 euros. Not including the cost of gasoline and insurance... And then, during this time, it is not all nurture the frame, should also think about the stomach of the master! This is even worse budget passion.