Posing as a true generalist Direct8 is now 2

April 2, 2012 12:00 AM
Posing as a true generalist Direct8 is now 2

Gone are the days where Direct8, compared to a jar TV, was the laughingstock of the PAF The chain of the Bolloré group, launched at the same time as the digital terrestrial television (DTT) in March 2005, reached 1.4 of audience share in November in the households of the TNT. A score that compares with 1 in September and 1.2 in October. "We are very pleased because it is a real and strong growth," said the "Echos" Yannick Bolloré, Director of programs and the son of Vincent Bolloré, the owner of the chain.

This increase is explained mainly by a mechanical aspect related to the penetration of more of the TNT in France. Some 85 of the French population has access today, and the progression of the hearing is also found in other free channels. According to the latest figures published yesterday by Médiamétrie (chart), as W9 TMC, NRJ12, Gulli or NT1 showed hearings increased in November.

Posing as a true generalist, Direct8 is now 2.5 of audience share in the TNT universe to by 2012, compared with 1.5 initially planned at the time of its launch. With an annual budget of EUR 40 million and leveraging the direct, the chain invests in sport. It bought 150 international football matches last summer with Sportfive, distributed over three years. "Football market in hearing and gave a projector to the string" continues Yannick Bolloré. "Football matches were a clear tactical coup for the hearing, and broadcast films are always a public, confirms in a media agency." The format is still very amateur but the chain began to take the road. "This position on the round ball will even encourage Direct8 watching"with interest"the call for tenders launched by the football league (LFP) professional for the retransmission of the France Championship of football. The chain, which is a shareholder in the deep pockets, can claim certain lots of second rank.

A whole bet

This does not mean that Bollore is ready to throw his money. Since its inception, the chain accumulated losses, which was provided for by its owner, but the amounts are higher than expected (30 million per year for seven years). After 31 million euros in 2005 and 38 million in 2006, this year, the loss should also approach the 38 million (2 million of advertising revenues for 40 million budget). A total addition reached 107 million euros, which is expensive paid the 1.4 hearing. Nevertheless, the balance is hoped before the originally scheduled date is 2012. "Our general-interest channel strategy allows us to hope to reach a standstill before 2012," said Yannick Bolloré. A bet which remains whole. Reach 40 million by 2012 revenues, this means doubling each year turnover advertising, a specialist in the market. "However, for the moment, DTT channels are sold together and income following the transfer of the advertising market to the TNT. "It must to distinguish other strings for additional revenue," view this same specialist. In clear reach an understood audience rather share between 3 and 5. This Direct8 should invest more in programs because in the race that engage the "small" generalist, the chain of Bolloré is still far from having caught up with TMC (3.7 share of hearing in November) and W9 (3.6).