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The search and recreation of the servants" The Life has been a common topic on television for many years, but what do we really know about their daily lives? We are aware that the domestics exercises will have powerful conventional aspects, for example men cleaned in sterling silver or polished the most important pieces of furniture. These customs were intended to facilitate the rapid integration of new staff. We know that slave meals were decisive at the time of day and only slowly adapted in the 19th century. The first bust was normally obtained in the middle of the morning and involved 2. The key food - the "dinner" - was obtained around noon, while the "tea" would be an extremely sweet food served around 4 o'clock. The "dinner" was normally held at 9 am, shortly after almost all of the function. After the 19th century, the servants' supper hour ends then and later in the night with a new lighter food, the 'lunch', which occupies a place in the middle of the afternoon, a split which worked well for the house. For scientists, it is relatively simple to construct a routine of the daily functions of the servants throughout the 19th century. Files containing real thoughts, such as newspapers, are particularly useful because they provide us with a construct to create even if they are not necessarily reliable What was life in more detail. However, it may be difficult to identify some homeowners in some homeowners prior to 1837, the year in which births, marriages, and deaths were signed by municipalities in the UK, and also before 1841, following the first comprehensive national census.

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